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Investigating Personalised Therapies in Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer

Recipient: Mr Douglas Morran, working with Professor Owen Sansom at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Host Institution: University of Cambridge

Title: Investigating Personalised Therapies in Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer

Type of award: Future Leaders Fund pilot

Status: Completed 

Funding: £100,000

Previous research carried out in our laboratory working with human pancreatic cancer has hinted that not every pancreatic cancer is the same and each may be sensitive to different drugs or combinations of drugs. This project aims to investigate whether or not this is true, and if so, can we predict which cancers will respond to new treatments we are trialling, using only small amounts of tissue similar to those we already routinely obtain in order to diagnose the cancer. This will hopefully lead to treatments being tailored for each patient's individual cancer depending on their expected response and reducing the number of unnecessary drugs each patient receives.