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Supporting new treatment innovations

Recipient: Professor Derek Manas

Host Institution: Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust

Title: Irreversible Electroporation

Type of award: 2015 Clinical Pioneer Award

Funding: £30,000

Irreversible Electroporation (NanoKnife®) is a new type of treatment that involves inserting needles into and around the cancer. High voltage electrical currents are passed down the needles. These currents damage and destroy the cancer cells. NanoKnife® is used to treat patients previously considered unsuitable for surgery because their tumour lies to too close to vital organs. However, very few pancreatic patients have had this interventional procedure and more research is needed to fully understand the treatment and which patient groups would benefit from it. Therefore there is still relatively little evidence to support making this procedure available to patients across the UK.

This project will provide support to enable the three centres who are currently testing this procedure and other centres in the UK which are about to begin this treatment within the NHS to standardise and share their work. This will ensure that information is pooled on how best to use the new treatment and what the impact is in terms of improving patient outcomes and survival.

It is hoped that if this pooled research shows positive results it can be used to support applications to ensure all, appropriate, patients have access to the treatment across the UK.