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The Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge

We are determined to transform the future for those affected by pancreatic cancer. Our ambition is nothing less than to deliver a step change in the outlook for people with pancreatic cancer and to double five year survival in the UK, which is still unacceptably low.

We are immensely grateful that, with your help, we have been able to award our biggest ever research fund – The Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge.

An extremely promising area of research

The recipients of the grant are Professor Nick Lemoine, a leading pancreatic cancer expert, and a team of researchers at Barts Cancer Institute & King’s College London.

Together they are focusing on an extremely promising area of research called immunotherapy, building on twenty years of research into the field.

This ambitious new approach to treating pancreatic cancer, seeks to engineer the bodies’ own immune system to fight and destroy cancerous cells.

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A form of treatment already having success in other cancers

Unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, immunotherapy only kills the cancerous cells, leaving other cells intact.

Clinical trials using immunotherapy for previously untreatable cancers such as leukaemia have had astonishing responses in very sick patients. A research study published last year showed the same type of immunotherapy eliminated a woman’s advanced breast cancer.

Together, we are taking on pancreatic cancer

This is just the latest research investment we’ve made to drive forward creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in the field – all thanks to Pancreatic Cancer UK supporters. With your help, we have supported the early foundations of this research. That’s why we’re delighted that we’re now able to develop this work even further and bring immunotherapy closer to being a reality for patients.

This latest project is already showing exciting progress. There is still a long way to go, but the results so far are promising.

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