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Discovering new treatments

Pancreatic cancers are incredibly complex, involving multiple different cell types. Many tumours are resistant to treatment by chemo- and radiotherapy. Drugs that make cancer cells more sensitive to these treatments will improve the effect of the therapies and the range of patients that they can be used in. We fund research into novel ways of making cancer cells vulnerable to treatment and into new types of treatment that may prove effective in targeting pancreatic cancer.

Find out more about our current Discovering new treatments projects:

Investigating novel compounds to prevent tumour growth and the spread of pancreatic cancer cells

Dr Lodewijk Dekker

A new drug target to prevent pancreatic cancer spread and growth

Dr Angus Cameron

Developing a new therapy for pancreatic cancer using the adenovirus

Dr Gunnel Hallden

Improving response to radiotherapy treatment in pancreatic cancer patients

Dr Stewart Martin

Investigating the spread of pancreatic cancer

Dr Jo Tod

Supporting new treatment innovations

Professor Derek Manas

Characterising the molecular network to find new treatment strategies against pancreatic cancerĀ 

Dr Maria Hatziapostolou

Stem cell therapy for pancreatic cancer

Dr Ralf Zwacka

Development of new drugs for pancreatic cancer

Dr Steven Whittaker

Investigating the use of Disulfiram, a drug for alcohol abstinence, as a treatment for pancreatic cancer

Professor Weiguang Wang

An investigation of small molecules produced by pancreatic cells to inform the development of new treatments

Dr Leandro Castellano

Understanding mechanisms that lead to tumour growth in pancreatic cancer

Recipient: Alejandro Noval (Future Leader)

Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Kermorgant and Professor Christopher Heeschen

Understanding the immune system's response to pancreatic cancer treatment

Recipient: Asmita Thapa (Future Leader)

Supervisor: Professor Eric O'Neill