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Discovering new treatments

Pancreatic cancers are incredibly complex, involving multiple different cell types. Many tumours are resistant to treatment by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Drugs that make cancer cells more sensitive to these treatments will improve the effect of the therapies and the range of patients that they can be used in. We fund research into novel ways of making cancer cells vulnerable to treatment and into new types of treatment that may prove effective in targeting pancreatic cancer.

Find out more about our current Discovering new treatments projects:

Cutting off the energy supply to pancreatic cancer cells

Dr Robin Ketteler

Strengthening the immune system’s ability to fight pancreatic cancer

Mr Siong-Seng Liau

Understanding changes to metabolism and immune function in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Claire Connell

Combining viruses and ultrasound to better target and destroy pancreatic tumours

Professor Gail ter Haar

Understanding the immune system's response to pancreatic cancer treatment

Recipient: Asmita Thapa (Future Leader)

Supervisor: Professor Eric O'Neill