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Medicine personalised to you

Just as every person is different, everyone responds differently to treatment for pancreatic cancer. Doctors and patients are unable to make fully informed decisions on the chances of success and the risk of side effects of most treatments as few validated tools exist to predict patient response. We support research to help patients and doctors predict response to and outcome of treatment to enable personalised tailoring of care.

Find out more about our current Medicine personalised to you projects:

Using PET scans to determine treatment response to preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Dr Derek Grose

Finding the right treatment for the right patient in pancreatic cancer

Ricky Cunningham (Future Leader)

Professor Andrew Biankin

Investigating potential new combination therapies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Charlie Dunlop (Future Leader)

Professor Duncan Jodrell

The Collins Pancreatic Cancer UK Scholarship

Recipient: Dr Rille Pihlak (Future Leader)

Supervisors: Professor Juan Valle and Dr Mairéad McNamara