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Our research strategy


Over the next five years, our ambition is to double the UK survival rate for people with pancreatic cancer. Our research strategy, Taking on research to change the future, lays out how we will work with world leading researchers and with people affected by pancreatic cancer, to fund research that will transform and save lives.

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We need your help

We need to influence others to increase funding. We are calling for at least £25 million to be spent on research into pancreatic cancer by all funders in the UK every year by 2022.

Now is our chance to change the future for the people affected by this tough disease - but we can only do it with your help.

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How we’re taking on pancreatic cancer

We can't predict where the next breakthroughs are going to come from, so we’ll be supporting innovative research through both our Research Innovation Fund and our Clinical Pioneer Awards.

Pancreatic cancer research isn't a short-term project. To make sustainable improvements to the lives of people with pancreatic cancer we need to support our Future Leaders.

Research works best when scientists collaborate. We will work hard to bring researchers together to share ideas, build on each other’s work, and make new discoveries.

But crucial to every stage of our research programme is the involvement of people affected by pancreatic cancer. Our Research Involvement Network works with us to guide and steer our priorities for the projects we support.