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Future Leaders Fund


***Future Leaders Academy 2019/20 – CALL HAS NOW CLOSED***

We are committed to attracting new research talent and retaining expertise within the field. Our Future Leaders Fund aims to build critical mass and support the research leaders of the future in both clinical and non-clinical disciplines. In 2017, we launched our new Future Leaders Academy which was supported by the Fund.

Pancreatic Cancer UK Future Leaders Academy 2019 

How to apply

To submit your application for funding, please complete the application form (Application form updated 8th May 2019) and email research@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

For more information about the eligibility criteria for this round and detail on the key areas to address in the application, please read the guidance notes.

All potential applicants and their Host Institutions should ensure that they have reviewed Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Terms and Conditions, which set out the standard terms applicable to all research grants funded by Pancreatic Cancer UK.

All applications for funding will be subject to a rigorous review process as detailed in our guidance notes for applicants. Final funding recommendations will be made by our international Scientific Advisory Board.


Deadline for receipt of the hard copy of the application form at Pancreatic Cancer UK’s office in London is Wednesday 7 August 2019.

Key details


Funding for a group of at least five PhD students to undertake research focusing on pancreatic cancer in one organisation or a group of strongly linked, collaborative institutions.

The award will support high-calibre graduates to undertake a series of projects in one or more area of pancreatic cancer research. The exact projects that each student will undertake may not be known at this stage but the theme, broad research areas to be addressed and overall vision of the Academy should be made clear in the research proposal.


Within one or a collaborative group of not-for-profit UK research institution.


Funding will be awarded to one outstanding Academy Director, working with a team of investigators. This team will be responsible for the training and supervision of the Academy Future Leaders.


A total of up to £625,000 is available to meet the following costs:

  • Up to £15,000 per year available for running costs including consumables, travel, dissemination, animal costs and equipment.


Up to 4 years.

Key dates 

Round Open Date

SAB meeting


Projects start date

 May 1st 2019 until 31st July 2019

Winter 2019

Spring 2020

September/October 2020


For any queries relating to the fund please email the research team or Chris Macdonaldor call Chris on 020 7820 6705.