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Research At Risk

In the last decade, the EU has committed at least £6.2 million to research projects for pancreatic cancer, vital funding which benefits patients and families in the UK. We simply cannot afford to lose access to European talent, funding, collaboration and clinical trials in the EU negotiations.

Research is the only way to find the game-changing breakthroughs that will transform the future for people with pancreatic cancer. 

Research At Risk

A recent survey by Pancreatic Cancer UK found that 92% of researchers felt that Brexit could negatively impact access to EU research funding. You can find out the summary findings of our survey here.

Given that pancreatic cancer research already receives insufficient funding, any reduction in EU funds would significantly limit progress in fighting this disease.

We need your help to ensure that pancreatic cancer research isn't set back by Brexit. 

Write to your MP

Send an email or write a letter to your MP calling on them to urge the Governemnt to commit to guaranteeing EU funding for pancreatic cancer research, protecting collaboration with EU researchers, and ensuring access to EU clinical trials in any Brexit negotiations. We have prepared a template for you to download, edit and use as you wish. You can find your MP's contact details here. If you would like us to look these up for you, or if you get a response from your MP, don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing campaigning@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

You can also Tweet your MP using the hashtag #ResearchAtRisk.  

Help fund an hour of research

Please give us £25 today and help fund an hour of research. Research is the only way to find new treatment options and ultimately a cure.