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The Pancreatic Cancer UK Christmas Appeal


“Justin was my absolute star; I will always think of him. And now he’s inspiring me to support life-saving research”. 

Caroline lost her husband Justin to pancreatic cancer in March this year, shortly after his 50th birthday.

She knows how hard it is to stay hopeful. But Justin always had hope that there was a cure.

He knew that research is the answer to beating pancreatic cancer. He was passionate about the vital research that we’re supporting to improve diagnosis and discover new treatments, funding the brightest minds to ensure that everyone gets the best care - and to find a cure.

Breakthroughs in the lab are vital if we’re going to find new cures and treatments and stop more families being devastated by pancreatic cancer.


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Over the next five years, our ambition is to double the UK survival rate for people with pancreatic cancer by working with world leading researchers and with people affected by the disease, to fund research that will transform and save lives.

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