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Our strategy

Pancreatic cancer needs a strong community of patients, carers, health professionals, researchers and influencers to take it on together.

So, on Thursday 25th February 2016 we launched Our new five-year strategy: Taking it on together.

We have proven over the past three years, with our previous strategy, Strategy for Hope: 2013-2016, that we can achieve what was once thought impossible; the first ever national pancreatic cancer clinical guidelines; a doubling of UK research investment to £10 million; the start of a culture change in treatment and care for pancreatic cancer patients.

We have grown the pancreatic cancer community, and broken through our fundraising targets — raising well over £4 million for the last two years running.

Today, five year survival rates in the UK are less than 7%.

Survival infographic

In light of no change in survival for decades, recent years have seen slow but significant progress. Each year, there are now 180 more pancreatic cancer patients surviving more than five years. That’s almost 1,000 people living considerably longer since 2011.

But things are changing

Now, we want to transform the future for everyone with pancreatic cancer. Our five year strategy sets out how we will lead the way to that transformation.

  • We will campaign and fundraise for a game changing annual UK pancreatic cancer research funding pot of £25 million by 2022. This will include a significant investment of £10 million from Pancreatic Cancer UK over the next five years. We remain committed to doubling the five year survival rates and believe that this level of research will begin to transform the diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • We will define a gold standard of treatment and care for everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and work tirelessly with others to make that standard a reality. This continues our commitment to change the pancreatic cancer patient’s NHS experience from one of the worst to one of the best.

In addition, we will: 

  • Be there for everyone diagnosed and their families by investing a further £5 million over five years in new and improved information and services. This will include doubling the use of our flagship national service, the Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line
  • Work with researchers, policy-makers, NHS partners and industry to launch a pioneering campaign aimed at transforming access to treatments
  • Expand and support a pancreatic cancer community with a stronger, louder voice, and collaborate with others facing similar challenges in cancers of unmet need
  • Increase our funds raised year on year to make it all happen, aiming to raise £10 million a year by 2022.

We can’t do this alone. We have always been at the heart of a determined community of people who share our ambitions.

But we need more: more influence, more research, more reach, more funds and more support.

Join us to take on pancreatic cancer. It will be tough, but we are ready. And we won’t stop until we transform the future for pancreatic cancer patients.