Newly Diagnosed

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There can be a lot of information to take in. These monthly sessions aim to answer some early questions, such as:

  • What happens next?
  • Who will be involved in my care?
  • What does this medical terminology mean?
  • How can I manage my symptoms?
  • Where can I get support?

The sessions are small and informal. They’re a chance to meet other people coping with a recent diagnosis, as well as ask one of our specialist nurses any questions you might have.

Who is this session for?

This session is for people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within the last three months, and their loved ones.

If you’re a healthcare professional, please check out our dedicated support for you.

Can I come to more than one?

Each Newly Diagnosed session will cover the same content, but you’re welcome to come to as many as you’d find helpful.

Upcoming dates

There are no Newly Diagnosed sessions coming up in the next few months, but our nurses are always here to offer support and answer any questions you might have following a diagnosis.

Contact the Support Line

If you’re looking to connect with others, you may be interested in our Discussion Forum.

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Thank you very much for the sessions. We felt completely lost and attending them has been very informative and comforting. The specialist nurses running the sessions are friendly, very experienced and knowledgeable. Attending the sessions left us feeling comforted and supported. It made us realise there is a vast community of people going through the same ordeal we can draw strength from.

Theresa from Coventry

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