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Roy roberts (dad)

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A tribute bydebbie Mcness

My dad had been losing weight for a few months but we put that down to him having diabetes then on the 26th October 2011 he was admitted into hospital after having a heart attack, we mentioned to the doctor about the weight lose and they run some tests including a camera put down into his tummy, On the 5th of November my dad was told that it could be pancreatic cancer.My dad put up a brave fight and went through so much pain never once complaining. The deterioration in such a short time shocked us all, from the jaundice right through to the mini strokes he had days before he passed away.My dad died on the 4th feb 2012, 3 months after being diagnosed, My heart is broken and I miss him more than words could say. He was a selfless, kind,gentle caring man and my hero xxx com
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