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Ahmed Omer (Father)

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A tribute byAzza Omer

9.2.1949 - 5.9.2015

Baba we miss you so much and every minute that passes by our heart aches. Your loss has been the hardest calamity we've had to endure. There is hallow in our lives now. Everybody cries for you. You don't know how much you were loved. You were the greatest Father to us. All of us are so numb but so determined to keep your spirit alive and so determined to make you proud. Now we can see why did what you did. Now we can see how much you loved us. Even to the point were you put your own fear aside so we don't suffer. You were so patient and so strong and we have no doubt that you are Heaven. We love you so much and even words cannot express how much you mean to us. You are still alive and your spirit is still with us.
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A tribute bySheena rihoy

My precious husband 21/4/47 till 14/4/16 aged 68 a week away from his 69th birthday .a brave 13 months fight a gentleman till the end .sweet dreams my love xx
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