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Norman James Long (Father)

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A tribute byJanice Long

A huge gap has opened up in my life that will never be filled. You were always there with sound advice, an optimistic outlook and you gave the best hugs that seemed to fix everything. I'm thankful for all the fantastic memories I have. Goodnight, God Bless Dad xx
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A tribute byMegan long

Ive had a lifetime.
A lifetime with your laughter and a lifetime with your smile, but somehow a lifetime wasnt enough.
Thank you for all the memories of years that seem to fly, your working hands may rest now although, its sad to say goodbye.
Ive heard love is the greatest gift you can give, so sending all of mine to you.
I want you to know we'll be okay, you did the best a grandad could do.
I was and still am so glad to call you mine.
Goodnight and god bless.
All my love, Megan xxxxx
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