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Stewart Glancey (Husband)

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A tribute byLinda Glancey

This is my wonderful husband, on honeymoon in 2010. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. My friend, my love, my soulmate - everything. Taken by this horrendous PC on February 21st 2016 at 64 years of age. He fought it for eight long months as he desperately wanted to live. Prior to this he was fit and healthy. In his honour I promise I will try to carry on as he would have wanted me to, as hard as that seems right now. I love and miss you always my darling Stewart. xxxx
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A tribute byPaula Miller

For a brave man who fought very hard to stay with those he loved, you were taken by this horrendous disease. You will always live on in every heart you touched because you had a heart of gold xxx
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A tribute byAnne Morrison

A much loved brother, who was taken from us by this awful disease. Watching his struggle was a horrible experience for all of us and we hope earlier detection and treatment will be possible in the future so others won't have to suffer as much as he did.
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A tribute bypauline campbell

Stewart you will be missed by so many people, you were truly a lovely person and a gentleman. This horrible disease took you too soon as you so full of life but you fought really hard its just so sad words cannot say.
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A tribute byDiane Glancey

In the top picture, Stewart doing what he loved best - spending precious time with his beloved wife. In this picture, doing what he loved second best - making music for the enjoyment of himself and others. He has left a big hole. A big, massive hole.
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A tribute byLinda Glancey

Its our 6th wedding anniversary today (11/05/2016). He was taken from me by PC 11 weeks and 3 days ago. I miss him so very much. xxx
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