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John Turner

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A tribute byJohn Turner

In memory of our father John Turner who was greatly loved by all his family and friends. John sadly passed away after only 2 week after his diagnosis. The family would like to thank everyone who help contribute to the donation in helping towards research for early diagnosis of the disease. Many thanks johns family xxx
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A tribute byRachel Batey

Given the fact that there is a lot of us in the Turner family, its nice how all my childhood memories involve us all! Days out, time round each other's houses and I'll never forget the time when I was about 4 or 5 on your shoulders and weed myself!! Ha ha!!
I am so grateful and happy that we had our brilliant family day in Stewart's park in September. What an amazing day.
Thank you for all the memories. I will cherish them forever. Love you so much.
Love your niece, Rachel xxx
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A tribute byShelbie Teasdale

An amazing great uncle not only to me but my daughter as well. He loved winding us all up and joking around, which is what he done best! At his age he still used to race us down the road and actually beat us as well haha. A true gentleman and loved by everyone not a bad bone in his body, although he loved a good moan!
We will all cherish every memory you gave us.
Love you very much,
your great niece, Shelbie xxxxx

'Don't worry about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright'
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A tribute byBarbara Turner

Hi, it seems a life time since we seen you it has been so hard,I miss your moans and your cheeky smile and the good chats we used to have,you really are a big loss to us all,you weren't just our big brother you were like a second dad to us,big hugs to you and to all the rest of our family up there with you,love from your heartbroken sister Barbara and brother in-law Harry xxxx
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A tribute byHollie-May Turner

Mine and Morgan's favourite thing about going to England was going to see you, we used to love your walks in the woods, and too the shop (even though we could never have a peaceful walk without you speaking to someone) you used to love doing pranks on us that were just so not funny!!!! you know you were called grumpy grandad for a reason because oh boy did you like to have a good moan at us but we wouldn't have changed that for the world. you were the most kindhearted person i ever met and we both really looked up to you. Not a day goes by where we don't think about you grandad!! love you millions xxxxxx
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A tribute byNicola Bruffee

I don't think you knew what you and Pattie meant to me. I was just 19 years old when I moved into the house next door to you both. I was expecting my first baby and had left my childhood home to raise my child in my own. Times were hard back then, I had a lot of obstacles in my way preventing me to move
Forward but you both were always there to offer me your advice. I miss you shouting across the fence "ya alright nick?" I miss you sneaking up behind me in the street and scaring me. I miss knowing you are just next door! You and Pattie were truly wonderful people, and you were taken far too soon. I miss you both so much. Sidcup avenue will never be the same.
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