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Barry Pethick

A tribute byannmarie nero

I still sit here with tears streaming down my face, hoping someone will wake me up to tell me I was having a bad dream. Dad I miss you so much I just don't know how to live without you. XxxxxxxX
You may not hold my hand anymore but you will always hold my heart I will always be daddy's little girl and you will always be my hero x x x x x

A tribute byPenny Pethick

Loving words for my husband, I am so proud of the courage and dignity you showed in dealing with such an evil and wicked disease. Despite the suffering and pain you endured, you were never one to complain always had a positive attitude, it was only you and I who knew what you were really going through.
I thank our lucky stars we were able to tick a lot of boxes on our dreams that we planned together. We found our soul mates in each other, till we meet again ........... I will love you always. Penny xxxxx
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A tribute byAnnmarie Nero

It's been over a year and I now face a second Christmas without you. Everyone says time heals but it truly doesn't feel like that. I still wait for the 8am phonecalls and the call when you got to work at 5pm. I still go to call you just to hear your voice.
I know your out of pain now and I know you dont have to struggle to beat this because now your pain free, i know that now and I feel so much comfort in that but it doesn't mean that I don't miss you, so very much.
I love you dad and I miss you every day x
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