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Val Smith

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A tribute byFreya Smith-jack

Mum you made a difference in so many lives in big and small ways. I am so proud of you for being who you were. Your nature was endlessly supporting and forgiving and you reached out with patience and love to everyone you met. This disease is cruel and relentless and I am glad you are no longer in pain but I will miss you everyday.
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A tribute byPam Hunt

Val was loving and real. She was a wonderful mother to Freya and laid a strong foundation for her. She will never meet her granddaughter in person, but the many people who loved her will watch over Freya and her family and do all that they can to ensure that they have a great life, full of her values and wishes. We will share with them pictures and memories of the special times we had with Val. Lastly, her magnetic smile will be missed by all who knew her.
Her beautiful spirit will live on through her family, and they will always know how much she loved them. She tried with all her heart to stay for them, but it was not to be.
Now my hope is that she rests in peace knowing she did all that she could and that her Freya and her baby will be fine. When we love people it’s so comforting to know that they will always be with us in our hearts.
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