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Allan John Bishop

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A tribute byNicola Bishop Shaw

To my wonderful brave Dad, Allan John Bishop, who sadly passed away on 15th June 2017.
Recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, leaving us only 11 weeks later, you were taken too soon.
We will miss you always, but you will be forever in our hearts, remembering the laughter, the music and the hugs that you shared with us.
Love you more Nik, Mash, Hugo and family xxxx
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A tribute byDave Bishop

Missing my big brother everyday, we may not have spent as much time with each other that we should have. But the love and respect i had for you will never die, until we meet again big brother i love you and always will. Rest in peace enjoy your new life. Your ever loving brother Dave xxxxx
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A tribute byJean Bishop

My lovely big brother ,I miss you so much ,if i didnt see you everyday ,i spoke to you I miss your smiley
face and your silly jokes
I will never get over losing you ,i love you so much .
Sleep easy Big Bro ya loads . RIP
Your sister Jean XXXXXXXXXXXX
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A tribute byDavid St John

Landed in Cannock in 1978 and our paths crossed thanks to our common bond with music and laughter. The shock of losing a dear pal hit me hard, as it did with so many people who were lucky enough to have known Allan. His laid-back attitude to the bad news and inevitable outcome was amazing - an inspiration to us all. He was born for showbusiness and made a mark in life, with his great talents that will live on for a very long time. My heart lifts every time I see his wonderful face looking out from the PC and I just smile at the many laughs we had over many years. Allan loved his family and his little four-legged buddy Charlie whose antics often popped up in photos as they had beloved walks. We all loved him too and will never forget a warm caring guy who left us far too soon. Life is a little duller now. R.I.P. Buddy.........
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A tribute byjean bishop

To my wonderful big brother ,i miss you so much its only been four weeks since you left us ,it feels
like forever
I miss your lovely smiley face ,and you being there for me , i saw you nearly everyday or if not spoke or text
I still go to phone you forgetting your not there ;
I dont think this hurt will ever go away ,I ll love and miss you forever .
Sleep Tight and RIP
Your brokenhearted sister
Jean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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A tribute bySusan Fisher-Meddings

A special tribute to a very special person who had an passion for everyone and everything he was involved with. We grew up in the same street and have known him all my life. I will miss him and our little chats when I went to visit his sister Jean, and I really miss his witty banter and his wonderful photographs. A truly wonderful human bing, I feel honoured to call him my friend. xx
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A tribute byNick Simms

To my truly special uncle. Will miss you and your jokes every day.
Sleep tight and we'll meet again in the stars one day!

Nick xx
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A tribute byRose Bishop

My wonderful son ,i love and miss you everyday were taken from us
to soon
RIP son
Love Mom xxxxx
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A tribute byjanis summerfield

Gonna miss you Allan ,we ve been friends a long time .you were such a decent and lovely man..
taken to soon .RIP ...
Love from Jan xxxx
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A tribute byDave Bishop

Well big brother 9 months have gone since you were taken away from us to this terrible disease. I am still struggling to come to terms that you are no longer here too talk to, to laugh with and to proudly watch you on stage. we argued we fell out but we always made up and loved each other. God bless you always in our thoughts and hearts Dave xxxx
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