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Iain Peters

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A tribute byJames Peters

23 September 1947 - 12th February 2017.
We all had a very blessed life until Dad’s devastating diagnosis of stage 4 Pancreatic cancer in March 2015 and nothing would ever be the same again. We were very fortunate to find an excellent oncologist Professor Justin Stebbing who began to treat Dad and gave us another two years of time together that we didn’t think we would have.
Despite the circumstances Dad never complained once about the situation, he always approached his treatment with a positive attitude and a smile. He became well known at the hospital where he was treated with nurses referring to him as their “hero” and “a super star”.
We were very fortunate that Dad responded well to all the treatment and experienced very few side effects (mainly due to how fit he was). The cancer was brought under control for more than 18 months and during this time he never lost his zest for life and we crammed it full of memories that will be cherished.
He continued his running despite the disease and he inspired me to finally start running after 40 years and we ran two 10km races in July 2015 and May 2016 to raise money for Action against cancer.
Dad had a wonderful kind character and approached everything and everyone with a positive spirit and a smile. He always wished the best for his family, friends and colleagues and encouraged those around him .achieve their potential and to look forward not back. Even when diagnosed, he fought hard to get the most out of the limited time he had and until the very end he never let the disease control or define him or the lives of those around him.
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