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A tribute byAzhar Butt

• Nothing in our life happens by accident, everything is part of our fate. No one should ask why things are as they are. This question will be answered at the right time by God. Everything in creation has it's own purpose. Some people are sent to test what you have learned while others are sent to teach you what to learn. People come and go, but the important people stay in our lives to teach us. Yes, it's a beautiful thing and this is called "LIFE" gifted by Almighty God.

• Walking through this park I came across this branch. Probably been lying on the ground for few years.
• Life relates to the fallen branch. Lying on the ground being hit by all the weather elements. Being hit by what life throws at it. Trying hard to avoid what you don't want yet there are hurdles you have to cross. Eventually there's nothing anyone can do. Remember this branch was a part of a strong tree. All the strengths will be there yet this life will Rot away just like the branch till its part of the earth.
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