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Your impact in 2018

Pancreatic Cancer UK's Impact Report 2018

Why we do what we do

Pancreatic cancer remains both the lowest surviving and the quickest killing cancer. That is unacceptable. Thanks to you, we are making a stand.

Our aim is to double survival rates and transform the future for everyone with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic Cancer UK provides expert advice and support to those affected by the disease, and supports the pancreatic cancer community with a strong, constructive voice.

We stand for:

•  More money for more research
•  More focus on early diagnosis
•  Better, faster treatment and care
•  Provision of supportive care via our specialist services 

Your impact in numbers

Your Impact In Numbers

Read the full report (PDF)

Research to change the future

Pancreatic cancer is the 5th biggest cancer killer. Yet it gets just 2.1% of cancer research funding.
This has to change.

Thanks to your support, Pancreatic Cancer UK has invested almost £7m in research since 2007. And in addition to our own research funding, we’ve helped researchers unlock over £30m since 2010 in further funding from other research funding organisations.

"Pancreatic Cancer UK is the organisation that will make the differences that we so desperately need" 

Professor Stephen Smith, Chair of Pancreatic Cancer UK's Scientific Advisory Board

Supporting innovative research

We are funding innovative research to drive game changing breakthroughs:

•  Our three year Grand Challenge Award of £1m to Bart’s Cancer Institute
•  Our Research Innovation Fund award to Dr Ralf Zwacka’s team at the University of Essex
•  We have committed up to £770k of funding towards new research under our Research Innovation Fund


Bringing researchers together to take on early diagnosis

In March 2018, we made almost £700,000 available to improve diagnosis and save lives. This came about as a result of our first ever national event to unite the research community to take on the challenge of accelerating early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Supporting Future Leaders

We have launched the first Pancreatic Cancer UK Future Leaders Academy at the Beatson Institute in Glasgow - investing in young researchers coming into the field who may hold the key to defeating the disease.

New PhD students are now being given training and mentoring to become world-leading scientists capable of making the kind of research breakthroughs so desperately needed.

Read the full report (PDF)

Support for patients and families when they need it most

No other organisation can provide the kind of personalised information, advice and emotional support so often needed by pancreatic cancer patients and families across the UK. We help many thousands of people across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our Support Line

The Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line is the only one in the UK dedicated solely to pancreatic cancer.

The number of calls answered by Pancreatic Cancer UK's Support Line nurses in 2017/18

Support in local communities

Receiving support at the right time is critical. This year our Community Coordinators manned 124 Information and Awareness Stands in specialist centres and local hospitals, helping us reach people affected by pancreatic cancer as soon as possible after diagnosis.

Face to face support

This year we gave face to face support to 2,227 patients through our information stands and our Living With Pancreatic Cancer Support Days. This is a tough disease, and often a lonely one. So across the UK, our specialist nurses run Living With Days. Evaluations of these days are overwhelmingly positive - 100% of people would recommend a Living With Day to others.

Read the full report (PDF)

Using our voice to drive change

Over the last year we have worked with patients and supporters to successfully influence decision makers and organisations

Demanding Faster Treatment

We are campaigning to make sure that pancreatic cancer is treated within 20 days of being diagnosed. 


Thanks to your amazing support our Demand Faster Treatment petition gathered over 80,000 signatures. Key decision makers in Government are beginning to take notice - and thanks to your support, we’ve the chance to drive real change!

Lobbying for better standards of care

In February 2018, following campaigning from Pancreatic Cancer UK and other key parties, the first ever NICE Guidelines on pancreatic cancer were published. In addition to lobbying NICE, we have generated our own Patient Charter.

Read the full report (PDF)

The power of our supporters

We are incredibly grateful to all our supporters and funders. It’s incredible the number of amazing people who help us each year and their loyalty, enthusiasm and resilience continues to inspire and motivate us.

Together, we raised £4.26m in 2017/18.  

London Marathon Team 2018 (1)

Taking it on Together

We are an ambitious charity, with a passionate community of supporters and volunteers, who have
made all the achievements and successes celebrated in this report possible.

It is critical that we now build upon this success. With very poor survival rates and a history of very
low investment in research, we still have a lot to do - and we can only succeed if we take it on together. 

Read the full report (PDF)