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Information for people just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Newly Diagnosed Pack

Our newly diagnosed pack is for people recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The pack contains key information about pancreatic cancer, your treatments and managing symptoms. It can also help answer your questions and get support. Order your pack below.

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 Our newly diagnosed pack contains the following publications:

  • Pancreatic Cancer: An overview of diagnosis and treatment
  • Diet and pancreatic cancer
  • Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer
  • The care you should expect and receive: Patient charter
  • We're here for you leaflet about the support we provide
  • Information about our Clinical Trial Finder

We will tailor the pack to your situation. Answer the questions on the order form, and we will include any of the following publications that are relevant to you.

  • Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: Information for families and carers
  • Stents and bypass surgery for pancreatic cancer
  • Surgery for operable pancreatic cancer

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‘‘The pack we received was so useful, and provided so much information for us both.’’

You can also order the pack by calling 0808 801 0707, or email publications@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

If you have any questions about pancreatic cancer, you can speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line.

If you are a health professional, you can order the newly diagnosed pack and all our publications through our publications order form.