MPs’ letter to send to the Health Secretary

27 April 2022

The Government are writing a new 10-year Cancer Plan, and as an MP you can help us ensure that pancreatic cancer has an important place in it.

War on Cancer

Our response to the War on Cancer

30 March 2022

Back in February, the Government announced a ‘War on Cancer’, the main weapon of which is a new 10 year Cancer Plan which will take us through to 2032 and aim to transform cancer care across the UK.  


St Pancras International changes its name for the fifth year running

18 November 2021

Today, it's World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and for the fifth year we're delighted to be partnering with HS1 Limited. The result of which is London's iconic station, St Pancras International, will become St PancrEas for the day. We are so excited to have reached this milestone and to once again raise vital awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer in collaboration with the team.

Anna Jewell PCUK

Our response to calls for cancer nurse funding as shortage leaves health professionals struggling to deliver vital care

8 September 2021

Our director of Support, Research and Influencing at Pancreatic Cancer UK, Anna Jewell, responds to the call for a ring-fenced Cancer Nurse Training Fund.


Our response to reports of disruption to pancreatic cancer services in Northern Ireland

3 August 2021

Our Head of Scotland and Northern Ireland, Dawn Crosby, responds to reports of disruption to pancreatic cancer services in Northern Ireland.

Young woman wearing face mask while walking in the streets of London

Open letter from cancer charities to the public

19 July 2021

40 charities and organisations have written an open letter, urging the public to help keep vulnerable people safe as restrictions ease. 

Policy & Campaigning

Our meeting with Jo Churchill, Cancer Minister for England

30 April 2021

An update on our meeting with Jo Churchill, the Cancer Minister, about the impact of the pandemic on pancreatic cancer.


Critical step towards new treatment option

1 March 2021

Exciting new research has been published by the Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge team at Barts Cancer Institute

Policy & Campaigning

Our open letter to Jo Churchill, Cancer Minister for England

11 February 2021

An open letter to Jo Churchill, the Cancer Minister, raising our concerns about how COVID-19 is impacting pancreatic cancer treatment and care.


Learning and development

30 November 2020

2020 has done a very good job of derailing everyone’s plans. That includes our grand plan to deliver an assortment of face-to-face training and events across the UK to connect, develop and inspire more pancreatic cancer health professionals. Bur we embraced the digital world and adapted our events for a virtual audience.


PCAM 2020: A year to remember

30 November 2020

2020 is a year to remember in so many ways, but November 2020 will definitely go down in history as the year we saw the pancreatic cancer community rally together to make an impact like never before.


Catherine Wines

16 November 2020

We are very sorry to learn that Catherine Wines, co-founder of World Remit and a supporter of Pancreatic Cancer UK has passed away from pancreatic cancer.

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