Dealing with pancreatic cancer

This section explains the treatments for pancreatic cancer. There is also information about dealing with the emotional impact, and daily life with pancreatic cancer.

Key facts

  • If you have pancreatic cancer, you may be at higher risk from coronavirus. Speak to your medical team about what coronavirus might mean for your treatment.
  • The type of treatment or care you have will depend on what stage of cancer you have.
  • You may be able to take part in a clinical trial, which can give you access to new and different treatments.
  • Pancreatic cancer can cause symptoms such as problems with your diet and digestion. There are ways to manage most symptoms and improve the quality of your daily life.
  • If you have been told that you have pancreatic cancer, you may have lots of different emotions. This is normal, and getting support can help.
  • Talk to your nurse and medical team about how you feel. They can support you, and refer you for more support.
  • It’s important that you get the right support to help you cope with the cancer and continue with your daily life as much as possible.
  • Getting help for practical things may also help reduce worries and stress.

Get support

You can speak to our specialist nurses on our Support Line with any questions about pancreatic cancer. They can also provide emotional support.

Try talking to others who have been affected by pancreatic cancer – they can understand how you are feeling. You can meet others through our online forum and online support sessions. You can also read other people’s stories.

Support for you

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