What we do

We bring more change through campaigning, more breakthroughs through research and more support through expert nurses.

Pancreatic cancer is tough, but we’re taking it on. We’re here for people now, and funding research and campaigning to improve the future.  

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Support and information

A diagnosis can be a terrible shock, but we’re here to help make sense of it and guide and support people every step of the way.

We support people


From cutting-edge tests to cancer-killing therapies, our scientists are striving for earlier detection and better treatment.

We fund research breakthroughs


As a leading voice of the pancreatic cancer community, we work with governments, clinicians, researchers and those affected by the disease to find ways to speed up diagnosis, develop faster and better treatments – and call for more investment in research.

We campaign for change

Support for health professionals

Everything you need to provide the best possible care for people with pancreatic cancer.

How we bring the community together