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If you’re passionate about creating a better future for people with pancreatic cancer, we need you.

Our campaigns call on governments and NHS bodies across the UK to drive up standards in diagnosis, treatment and care.

Our current campaigns

Demand survival this election year

2024 is a General Election year. This is our best chance to persuade whoever becomes the next Prime Minister to finally take action and save thousands of lives.

This is our moment to give people with pancreatic cancer the hope and action they deserve.

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Lewis who is supporting our Demand Survival Now campaign sits with his hands together

Don't Write Me Off

Did you know that 7 in 10 people with pancreatic cancer never receive treatment? Not even chemotherapy. And that more than half of people die within three months of diagnosis? It’s shocking, and it’s shameful.

But does pancreatic cancer have to be a death sentence? No. With a faster, fairer treatment and care journey, and funding to make it happen, more people can be treated and have a chance to survive.

We’ve been telling governments – don’t write off people with pancreatic cancer.

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We’re telling the government to prioritise pancreatic cancer

After launching a ‘War on Cancer’ in 2022, the government is yet to deliver on its promise to make England a world leader in cancer care.

We’re determined to make sure that pancreatic cancer is prioritised in the Department and Health and Social Care’s cancer plans for England.

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Large group show showing members of to the One Cancer Voice coalition on College Green, outside the Houses of Parliament

We're influencing cancer strategies across the UK

We’re campaigning to put pancreatic cancer at the heart of government cancer strategies across the UK. Find out about brilliant progress in Scotland, and the latest on Wales in Northern Ireland cancer plans.

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Our past campaigns

No Time to Wait

“I am one of the lucky ones. Because of my quick pancreatic cancer diagnosis, I could get life saving surgery.”

The NHS is facing a crisis. The pandemic, staff shortages and underfunding have pushed it to breaking point. Even before this, people with pancreatic cancer were being diagnosed too late to survive.

More than 50,000 of us are demanding that UK governments take urgent action through our recent petition.

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Becki Buggs sits on a sofa in a colourful jumper with her hands clasped

Transform lives: Prescribe

Right now thousands of people with pancreatic cancer don’t have access to a simple prescription that could stop them starving. We’re calling on the NHS to prescribe what people with the quickest killing cancer urgently need to live the time they have left to the fullest.

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Marie sitting in her garden

Campaigning for earlier diagnosis

“Sorry, it’s too late. We can’t save you.”

These are the devastating words most people with pancreatic cancer have to hear. Pancreatic cancer is tough to diagnose early.

But thanks to people like we’re fighting for early diagnosis.

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Kim from Edinburgh explains why she campaigns with us

NHS worker Kim (pictured below left) campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and improve treatment – helping us to build hope for people in Scotland. Like many of our supporters and volunteers, Kim’s family has had first-hand experience of this tough disease.

“Sadly, I’ve lost two loved ones to pancreatic cancer, my great uncle William and my Nana Mary. They died 20 years apart but little progress had been made in treating the illness over that time. In this day and age, it’s shocking that nothing has really changed. I made a promise to my Nana, who died in 2012, that no other family affected by pancreatic cancer will suffer like our family. By campaigning with Pancreatic Cancer UK, I hope I’m living up to my promise. We’ve been making a difference via the Scottish Parliament, support groups, family support. We need more awareness and research, and that’s why I do what I do.”

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