Raise awareness of pancreatic cancer

Raising awareness of pancreatic cancer means more people know the symptoms, and get diagnosed sooner. Let's make sure everyone knows that this is a cause that we should all care about.

We raise awareness in lots of ways. We distribute leaflets and publications. Our website is visited by over a million people each year. We build relationships with individuals and groups all across the UK. However, it is a huge task – which is why your help is so important! We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters, and give awards to some of our volunteers for their incredibly efforts in raising awareness. Here are some of the ways you could help too.

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Things to print and put up in your window, your community, your workplace

Please note, some of the materials include pancreatic cancer survival statistics that are not suitable for use in medical settings e.g. GP surgery or hospital. Please read the description carefully before downloading.

Awareness posters

Please note the following posters include pancreatic cancer survival statistics.

Pancreatic cancer awareness poster (PDF)

Symptoms awareness poster (PDF)