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Survival rates have improved enormously for most cancers. But sadly for pancreatic cancer, this is not the case. We're campaigning to change that.

Pancreatic cancer is a cancer emergency. It’s diagnosed late and advances quickly.

Late diagnosis means that people with pancreatic cancer may never receive treatment and don’t get the chance to have life saving treatment and live longer.

As a leading voice of the pancreatic cancer community, we work with governments, clinicians, researchers and those affected by the disease across the UK to find ways to improve and speed up diagnosis and develop faster and better treatment for pancreatic cancer – and call for more investment in research.

Pancreatic cancer won’t wait, and we won’t stop campaigning for ways to transform the future for those affected by the disease.

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Our campaigns call on on governments and NHS bodies across the UK to drive up standards in diagnosis, treatment and care.
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Raising our voices in UK parliament - Pancreatic cancer UK Humza Yousaf with our volunteer Katie Hendry

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Earlier diagnosis

We believe it’s about time that people with pancreatic cancer should be diagnosed early enough to be saved.

Doctors should have a simple test to help them detect pancreatic cancer in time for treatment.

Campaigning for earlier diagnosis

Better, faster treatment and care

Getting people into treatment quickly gives them a chance to survive and for longer. That’s why we demand that people with pancreatic cancer receive faster treatment, within 20 days from diagnosis.

Better, faster treatment and care

More research investment

Governments, strategies and plans have consistently missed the opportunity to target the necessary research investment into pancreatic cancer that’s required to transform survival. That’s why we believe now is the time to invest in pancreatic cancer research.

More research investment

Collaborating and influencing

When governments, charities and the clinical community come together to prioritise pancreatic cancer and other less survivable and historically neglected cancers, survival can be transformed.

Collaborating and influencing