Specialist nurse Support Line

If your world has been turned upside down by a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, our specialist nurses are here to talk now.

Our specialist nurses can answer your questions, recommend practical steps and provide the emotional support you and your loved ones need, when you need it most.

Contact a nurse on our Support Line today

Our free Support Line is staffed by specialist nurses. It is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 9am and 4pm, and Wednesdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Call 0808 801 0707, or contact a nurse via email.

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Waiting for your call

Our friendly nurses are specialists in pancreatic cancer and are only a call or email away. You can contact them about anything – managing symptoms, questions about your diagnosis, treatment options or just to talk about how you’re really feeling.

A specialist nurse, dedicated to you

You can have a dedicated nurse who stays with you through everything and gets to know you and your situation. Supporting over 2,000 people affected by pancreatic cancer each year, they are specialists in pancreatic cancer.

Unlimited time and personalised follow-up

From 4 minutes to 40 minutes, our nurses can talk and listen for as long as you need. After your call, they can provide personalised information by email or post, explaining the next steps and giving you confidence to move forward.

Want to know a little more about our nurses?

Find out more about each one here.

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It was such a relief to be able to talk frankly with someone who was so incredibly well informed at the same time as being so compassionate. It was very liberating to be able to speak candidly. You have been such a comfort.

  • Our Support Line helps around 2,000 people a year.
  • Between them, our 7 nurses have more than 100 years of experience working in pancreatic cancer
  • All of our nurses have worked in the NHS before working for Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Our nurses have been awarded Silver Awards by the Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England
  • 96% of callers said they were satisfied with the service and would call again

Frequently Asked Questions 

What will happen when I call up?

  1. The phone will be answered by one of our 7 dedicated nurses who will introduce herself to you.
  2. They will ask you about your current situation.
  3. You can start wherever you want – they are there to listen.
  4. With your permission, they will take some brief notes during your call, making things easier for you if you call again. You can share as much or as little data as you wish.
  5. Your nurse may email you with any personalised follow-up information you might need after the call.
  6. If you call again at another time, you can ask to speak to the same nurse. You can also organise a follow-up call in advance.

What can I talk about with the nurses?

Our nurses are here to listen and talk about whatever you like. You may want to share your concerns or ask specific questions. Here are a few common ones:

  • What investigations will I need?
  • Where should I start with managing the symptoms I am having?
  • Is the treatment I am getting the right treatment for me
  • Will my tumour grow while I am waiting for treatment to start?
  • What steps can I take to get my treatment started as soon as possible?
  • I’m confused about the process; can you break it down for me?
  • What questions should I ask to make the most of my next appointment?
  • What are clinical trials and can I take part in one?
  • Am I able to ask for a second opinion and how do I go about this?
  • My partner has just been diagnosed; how can I best support them whilst not feeling overwhelmed myself?

Can I leave a message if I can’t get through?

Yes, you can leave a message and a nurse will call you back as soon as they can during our opening hours. If the time when they call you back is not convenient, we can organise a follow-up call for a better time.

What if I have speech or hearing difficulties?

We are able to speak with you and a support person if you have one to help you during the call. Alternatively, we can consider other ways to support you e.g. via email or through accessing other services.

Can I email instead?

Yes, you can email our nurses and they will get back to you, normally within 48 hours unless a weekend or public holiday. This may be a good option if it’s out of hours for the Support Line.

What happens with my personal details?

We will keep your personal details, along with a very brief summary of the discussion or email exchange we have had with you, on our secure database. This record is confidential and only the team involved in supporting you will be able access it. A record will only be kept if we have your consent – if you would prefer to stay anonymous that is fine too.

How much does it cost?

Using our Support Line is completely free – you will not be charged for any calls made within the UK.

I don't live in the UK - can I use the Support Line?

We can take enquiries from outside the UK, but please be aware we can only give general information about pancreatic cancer and we are unable to advise on healthcare systems overseas.

How can I give feedback?

Your feedback is important to us and helps us to give the best support we can.

If you’ve used the Support Line and would like to share your thoughts, please click the link below. Your feedback is anonymous unless you choose to share your details.

Give feedback

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I was given advice to help care for my mum better and deal with my own feelings. I felt like I had a place to go to vent, to cry, to laugh, and to really digest what was happening. I always left the call ready to take on what was next with amazing advice.