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Detect Early. Treat better. Save lives.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. More than half of people with pancreatic cancer don’t survive beyond three months from diagnosis. So we must do more.

Decades of underfunding mean that we still lack the tests and treatments to tackle this brutal disease. Hope alone can’t fix this. People with pancreatic cancer need action now.

That’s why our research strategy is vitally important. It aims to transform the future for people with pancreatic cancer. From cutting-edge tests to cancer-killing therapies, our scientists are striving for earlier detection and better treatment.

We’re also investing in the brightest minds, to grow the research community and accelerate the life-saving breakthroughs that we so urgently need.

Early detection

Late diagnosis is one of the biggest issues in pancreatic cancer but we’re investing in ground-breaking research to change this.

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Improving treatment and care

As well as investing in research to save lives, we’re also working to transform people’s experience of pancreatic cancer, funding new approaches and encouraging innovative thinking.

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Our research strategy

Our strategy lays out how we will work with world leading researchers and with people affected by pancreatic cancer, to fund research that will transform and save lives.

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Building research capacity

Researchers will find the breakthroughs needed in pancreatic cancer, so we must do everything we can to build and support the community.

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Are you a researcher?

Find out more about opportunities for funding and support for the pancreatic cancer research community. Together we are the research community taking pancreatic cancer on.

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