Building research capacity

Researchers will find the breakthroughs needed in pancreatic cancer, so we must do everything we can to build and support the community.

In the UK we have some of the world’s highest quality researchers, dedicated to improving the lives of people with pancreatic cancer. And yet, the diagnosis, treatment and care options for people with pancreatic cancer are poor and have remained so for decades.  

Some of this is simply because there are not enough researchers in the community. But there’s also a need for more unity and collaboration between researchers to drive the progress that this cancer desperately needs.  

We’re changing this by creating schemes, providing dedicated resource and support, and developing approaches to funding that build capacity in the community both in terms of quantity and quality. 

Take a look at our projects building research capacity


Future Leaders Academy

We are taking the lead in supporting and developing the research leaders of the future.

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Early Diagnosis Research Alliance

A new approach to early diagnosis – bringing the brightest research minds together to make earlier diagnosis in pancreatic cancer a reality.

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Early Detection Innovation Workshop

Bringing together world leading experts in cancer research and other fields to find innovative new approaches to the early detection of pancreatic cancer.

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