Early Detection Innovation Workshop

Bringing together world leading experts in cancer research and other fields to find innovative new approaches to the early detection of pancreatic cancer

Having already created the Pancreatic Cancer UK Early Diagnosis Research Alliance – one of the UK’s largest and most innovative early diagnosis funding schemes – we know that in research, collaboration is key to drive change faster and make an even bigger difference to people affected by pancreatic cancer.

That’s why we’re now bringing together the best minds in science for an innovative workshop in partnership with leading research organisations Cancer Research UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

In 2020, combining investment from ourselves, Cancer Research UK and EPSRC we will fund proposals which will drive earlier diagnosis. Together, we will be hosting a series of virtual workshops that bring together leading scientists and experts, encourage them to collaborate and challenge one another in order to identify new ways of tackling the challenges around diagnosing pancreatic cancer.

This group of experts is the most diverse we have ever assembled: including pancreatic cancer scientists, specialists in other types of cancer and leading figures from different fields of research, like engineering and mathematics. Our aim is genuine innovation. Through the workshops we hope to develop revolutionary research ideas, and fund the best of these.