Information for family members

The information in this section is for partners, families and friends of someone with pancreatic cancer.

What's in the 'Information for family members' section?

Many family members are so busy helping the person with cancer, they ignore their own needs – including the emotional impact of having a family member with cancer. This section explains how you can find emotional support, including support groups, counselling and support for children. You may also want to find out more about helping care for your family member, or managing the symptoms and side effects of pancreatic cancer.

Our specialist nurse, Nicci, explains what happens when someone is diagnosed and how you can support them. Tiffany shares her experience of caring for her dad.

Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer

If you are looking after someone with pancreatic cancer, you may hear yourself described as their carer. You may not see yourself as a carer – you may simply see yourself as their partner, family member or friend. But a carer is anyone who looks after a family member or friend, unpaid, and provides support that that person couldn’t manage without.

Read our booklet for family members

To read more about caring for someone with pancreatic cancer, download our booklet, Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: Information for families and carers.

You can also order a printed copy.

Order our booklet
An image of the front cover of Pancreatic Cancer UK's booklet, Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: information for families and carers

How can we help?

All our information and services are available for families as well as people with pancreatic cancer.

If you have any questions, you can speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line.

Our nurses run regular online sessions for people supporting a loved one with pancreatic cancer – join our Family, Friends and Carers’ Cuppa for an informal chat and a chance to meet others going through something similar.

Our discussion forum gives you the chance to connect with other families and share experiences.

Read stories from other families, friends and carers about how they dealt with pancreatic cancer.

Find out how we can help

Get tailored information about your family member's diagnosis

If a loved one have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, our emails can help you get the information and support you need. The emails are tailored to your situations and their diagnosis, and provide key information  over several weeks.

Tailored information and support emails
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Updated October 2021

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