Information about pancreatic cancer

Our information covers everything you need to know about pancreatic cancer.

We know being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can feel very overwhelming. It can be hard to take in everything your doctor tells you. Our easy-to-understand information explains your diagnosis, treatment options, how to deal with symptoms and the support that’s available.

Just diagnosed?

If you’ve just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, find out about what it is, what your diagnosis means, and your treatment options.

Just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
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Worried about pancreatic cancer?

Find out about the symptoms of pancreatic cancer, the risk factors, and how it’s diagnosed.

Worried about pancreatic cancer?
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Treatments for pancreatic cancer

Read about the different treatments available for pancreatic cancer.

Treatments for pancreatic cancer
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Managing symptoms and side effects

Pancreatic cancer can cause symptoms, and the treatments can cause side effects. Getting treatment for symptoms can improve how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

Managing symptoms and side effects
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Emotional support

If you have been told that you have pancreatic cancer, you may have lots of different emotions. Read about the support that’s available.

Dealing with the emotional impact of pancreatic cancer
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End of life care

Sometimes pancreatic cancer can grow and spread quickly. If you have been told you only have a few months to live, you may want to know what to expect.

End of life care for pancreatic cancer
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Daily life with pancreatic cancer

Getting the right support can help you cope with pancreatic cancer, and continue with your daily life as much as possible.

Daily life with pancreatic cancer
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How do we produce our information?

Find out how we make sure our information is accurate, trustworthy, and easy to understand.

How do we produce our information

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