We told governments: Don’t Write Me Off

Together, we've had a huge impact in every nation of the UK

Pancreatic cancer has been left behind by successive governments. Survival rates in the UK are the second lowest in Europe, and among the worst in the world.

But our voices count.

Since our Don’t Write Me Off campaign launched in October 2023, we’ve come together in our thousands to ask our local politicians and our governments to take action and ensure a Faster, Fairer, Funded treatment and care journey is available to everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

In March 2024 we handed in our petition to Health Ministers across the UK. But the campaign doesn’t stop here! We are busy working behind the scenes to build on all this momentum, including working with health professionals, services and parliamentarians to make a faster, fairer pathway a reality.

Hand in letter to Victoria Atkins MP, Secretary of State, Department of Health and Social Care

Hand in letter to Neil Gray MSP, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Scottish Government

Hand in letter to Robin Swann MLA, Minister of Health, Northern Ireland Assembly

Hand in letter to Eluned Morgan MS, Minister for Health and Social Services, Welsh Government


Here’s the impact we’ve had together.

Our campaign hit the headlines

  • Over 30,000 of our amazing supporters signed our petition – making us impossible to ignore
  • Our campaign was covered 160 times in the local and national press, and on TV.  
  • We were featured in the Daily Telegraph, Independent, Mail, Metro, made the front page of the Scottish Daily Express Front and the campaign was covered on ITV and the BBC news. 
Scottish Daily Express Front Page headline in support of our Don't Write Me Off campaign

Hundreds of parliamentarians have stood with us

  • Thanks to a massive 3,890 of you who wrote to your parliamentarians, over 150 MPs and Members of the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments attended our events and debates in Westminster, Scotland and Wales.
  • And 50 MPs signed our Early Day Motion in support of a Faster, Fairer, Funded treatment and care journey: the most support a parliamentary motion on pancreatic cancer has ever received! 
Our volunteers and staff celebrate outside the Houses of Parliament after our Don't Write Me Off event

We’ve made some major breakthroughs

  • Senior decision makers representing the NHS from across the UK attended our campaign launch event and backed our calls for a Faster, Fairer, Funded pathway. They were joined by over 100 health professionals who attended our event.
  • Shortly after attending our launch event, Northern Ireland’s Department of Health committed to delivering a new, improved care pathway for pancreatic cancer in Northern Ireland partnership with Pancreatic Cancer UK and NIPANC: a landmark moment in the fight against pancreatic cancer.
Read more about our launch event
Hundred of health professionals support the launch of the Optimal Care Pathway at campaign event

Your support has been incredible

Thank you. Kind supporters like you have generously donated over £41,000 after signing the petition. We are so grateful. Together, we will transform the future for everyone with pancreatic cancer.

There's still time to donate
Our volunteers and staff celebrate outside the Houses of Parliament after our Don't Write Me Off event

What we are calling for

Find out what we’re calling for in more depth, including our calls to action across all four UK nations.

Download our campaign report (PDF)

Llwybr Cyflymach. Tecach. Wedi’i Ariannu.

Read our report in Welsh

Download our campaign report in Welsh (PDF)