Don’t Write Me Off in Wales

Too many people in Wales are left waiting for their diagnosis and treatment. We’re telling the Government in Wales: Don’t write off people with pancreatic cancer. 

On 6th December 2023 a Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Debate took place in the Senedd – the first since 2019.

This debate was an important opportunity for Members of the Senedd (MSs) to highlight what must happen to drive up survival, raise awareness of the pancreatic cancer across the Welsh Parliament, and create momentum for action.

Thanks to hundreds of our supporters who wrote to their representatives asking them to attend, we heard from seven different MSs from across the political parties who raised important questions about pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment and care in Wales.

Members of the Senedd also shared stories from our supporters about their experiences of pancreatic cancer in Wales, alongside their own personal stories of how cancer has affected them.

Plaid Cymru MSs Delyth Jewell and Heledd Fychan met with a group of supporters ahead of the debate to hear their stories and why it is so important that the Welsh Government take action to improve outcomes. Delyth shared her own story of losing her grandmother to this devastating disease in early 2019.

Pancreatic cancer shouldn't be stealing so many lives, a diagnosis shouldn't be so deadly. I'm begging the Government to improve this, for the sake of all those people whose lives could be saved.

Delyth Jewell, MS for South Wales East region, Deputy Leader of Plaid Cyrmu

We’re returning to the Senedd

Thanks to our fantastic supporters who invited their Members to the Senedd (MSs) to our Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Debate we’re already starting to see change.

But still, too many people in Wales are being left waiting. They aren’t getting the care they need.

That’s why in February we’ll be back in the Senedd.

We’ll be holding an event on 28th February to talk to MSs from across Wales about what must change to transform diagnosis, treatment and care for everyone with pancreatic cancer – and demand they turn their words into action.

Invite your Members of the Senedd today.

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PCUK supporters meeting with Heledd Fychan (L) and Delyth Jewell (R) at our Senedd Debate for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month on 6 December 2023

What we are calling for

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