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The NHS is facing a crisis this winter. The pandemic, staff shortages and underfunding have pushed it to breaking point.

Even before this, people with pancreatic cancer were being diagnosed too late to survive. It’s shocking that currently half of people die within three months of diagnosis.

Unless UK governments take urgent action, this is only going to get worse.

There has been inaction around pancreatic cancer for too long, but together we can change this.

They must take immediate action and publish funded cancer plans to deliver faster diagnosis and treatment for people with pancreatic cancer who have no time to wait.

  1. Everyone should be diagnosed within 21 days of referral
  2. Everyone should be offered access to fast treatment
  3. Everyone should immediately get support from a dedicated specialist cancer nurse

Join us in demanding that governments across the UK save lives this winter.

Help us get 50,000 signatures.

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I’m one of the lucky ones. Because of my quick pancreatic cancer diagnosis, I was fortunate enough to get life-saving surgery. Most people don’t get this chance. As a nurse with over twenty years’ experience, I know this all too well. Please sign our petition. There is no time to wait.

Rebecca, NHS nurse living with pancreatic cancer