Take on the ultimate test

We are proud to be the Official TCS London Marathon Charity of the Year 2025

Finding out you have pancreatic cancer is shattering.

It is the deadliest common cancer. The brutal reality is that diagnosis comes far too late for most people. Half of people die within three months of diagnosis. And research into the disease is underfunded and left behind. So, families are left with only hope to hang on to.

But hope is not enough. The disease must be detected sooner.

And it can be.

Thanks to the work of our amazing researchers, a simple test to detect the cancer earlier is within reach. It just needs more funding. That’s why we’re delighted to be the TCS London Marathon’s Charity of the Year.

With people running, cheering and raising funds to support the work of our researchers, we can save as many lives as runners in this great race. We can deliver more than hope to every family who is facing this devastating disease.

This will be a team effort. Together we will bring more action. More spirit. More drive.

We will give it our all. We won’t give up. And we will cross that finish line.

Join us. Take on the ultimate test to develop the ultimate test.

Support our team!

If you don’t want to run the marathon but still want to get involved, there will be other opportunities to support Team Pancreatic Cancer UK in this extra special year.

Be the first to hear the latest marathon updates, learn how you could support in other ways and find out about our ongoing work to bring more than hope to people affected by pancreatic cancer.

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