Ensuring research quality

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities we work toward the highest level of peer review in our research funding processes

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities we work toward the highest level of peer review in our research funding processes. This means that the charity’s grant giving and scientific process has been rigorously reviewed by an independent expert body and found to be best practice in the field.

amrc peer review audit 2020

External peer review process

All research applications to the charity are reviewed by a range of independent external experts in the field. Their recommendations are then assessed as part of a further review by the charity’s Scientific Advisory Board.

As part of the scientific review process, the Board provides expert advice to our CEO and Trustees on:

  • Development of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s research strategy and grant giving programme
  • External referees for applications (“peer reviewers”)
  • Assessment of and final recommendations on applications.

The Scientific Advisory Board also provides advice and support for the charity on reporting and dissemination of research results.

Through the Board we aim to meet the following principles:

Accountability: We are open and transparent about our peer review procedures and publish details, including the names of members of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Balance: The Board reflects a fair balance of experience and scientific disciplines in pancreatic cancer across basic and clinical science.

Independent decision making: The Board is independent of our administrative staff and Trustees.

Rotation of scientific advisers: Board members have a fixed term of office and do not have tenure.

Impartiality: Board membership includes a significant number of non-beneficiaries. We have a conflict of interest policy and as such potential beneficiaries are not present when decisions are made.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

The charity has a rigorous policy on conflicts of interest in relation to both external peer reviewers and members of the Scientific Advisory Board. Please note that an important part of this policy is that the Chair or Vice Chair will withdraw from the entire research grants round if it includes any applications from members of their own research team.

Download the policy here