Research Involvement Network opportunity: The impact of changes to cancer treatment due to Covid-19

Share your experience of how changes in cancer care and treatment, due to Covid-19, affected you.

The project

This project is exploring the experiences of patients that received cancer treatment in the United Kingdom during the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact the changes had on mental wellbeing. Participants will be asked to complete a semi-structured interview to discuss their experiences, which will take place virtually.

Interviews will be transcribed and analysed to create overarching themes, which will be used in the final write-up of the project. Participants will be invited to give their feedback on the themes created.

Ethics approval has been obtained through Staffordshire University.

How the study will benefit people with pancreatic cancer

The study hopes to understand the impact of changes to cancer care and treatment and their impact on mental wellbeing. It hopes to fuel further research into how changes to care and treatment provision can impact on the person, and therefore make changes to help with support and quality of life.

Who can take part?

The team are looking to recruit pancreatic cancer patients that have received cancer care or treatment since March 2020 (participants may have received treatment prior to March 2020 but must have also received it since).

Next steps

If you are interested in taking part, please email the Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Team ( with the involvement reference ‘Covid-19 impact project’ and they will pass your email on to Amy, who is working on this project.

Storage of participants information

Interviews will be recorded, and each file will be password protected. Once the researcher has gained a thorough understanding of their content and audio has been transcribed, audio recordings will be deleted. Interview transcriptions will be password protected in a locked folder. During write-up, participants will be given a pseudonym so that the data cannot be ascribed to a specific person. Participants will create a unique participation number that will be attached to their interviews in case they wish to withdraw their participation, which may happen up to two weeks following the end of the interview.