Facebook Fundraising

You can make a real difference to people affected by pancreatic cancer by setting up a fundraiser on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser for your birthday instead of receiving gifts, take on a challenge or remember a loved one. 

Create your Facebook Fundraiser

It’s really quick to set up a Facebook Fundraiser. You can easily share your target and progress with family and friends.  

Facebook charges no fees on donations made so every penny your friends anfamily donate through a Facebook fundraiser comes directly to Pancreatic Cancer UK.  

How to set up your Facebook fundraising page

  1. Sign into Facebook and visit our Fundraisers page, or click ‘Fundraisers’ from your news feed.
  2. Set your fundraising target and an end date – Your page will close within 7 days if you do not update the closing date.
  3. Name your fundraiser and add a few sentences about why you’re fundraising.
  4. Choose a cover photo or upload your own image.
  5. Click ‘Create’ and share your fundraiser with your friends.

Making the most of your fundraiser

  1. Tell your story

If you have a connection to pancreatic cancer or a personal reason for supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK, make sure to share your story with friends and family by updating the description on your page. By sharing your story, supporters will be more likely to donate generously to your fundraiser.

2. Ask generous friends and family to donate first

Once your page is set up, ask a generous friend or family member to make the first donation. We find that people tend to match existing donations on the page.

3. Tell people why they should care 

Too little has changed in pancreatic cancer, together lets raise awareness. Share these in your fundraising description and post on your fundraiser.

  • More than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months
  • Pancreatic cancer is the 11th most common cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer is the 5th bigger cancer killer
  • Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival of all common cancers

4. Thank your friends and family publicly  

Say thank you to your family and friends on your timeline, and tag them into the post. Then your Facebook connections will see it too, and could be inspired to donate.

5. Share posts, photos and videos on your fundraiser

Keep your family and friends up to date, record short clips and let them know how important your fundraiser is to you and why.

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"I set up a Facebook fundraiser and in just 2 days raised £120! You can do it too."

Ian Warner