Run 40 in February Challenge FAQs

Do you have a question about the Run 40 in February Strava Challenge? Take a look at our FAQs below and we may be able to answer your question.

What is the Run 40 in February Challenge?

We’re challenging you to run 40 miles over the course of February. Participants will track their miles in the official Strava App whilst raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK, to help support those affected by the disease. The challenge will be displayed here from 18th January until 28th February 2022.

What is a Strava Challenge?

A Strava Challenge is a challenge you can complete via the Strava App. This is where you can track and submit your miles, and everyone who completes the challenge will earn a bespoke digital badge for their trophy case.

Why are PCUK running x2 challenges in February?

We want to ensure that we are providing our supporters with a range of opportunities to support Pancreatic Cancer UK. Whether you are new to running/jogging or if you are a seasoned pro we hope that you can find a challenge that you enjoy and works for you!

Are there any registration or participation fees?

No – there are no registration or participation fees! All we ask is that you aim to fundraise a minimum of £250. You will also have the option to donate towards the cost of your T-shirt (UK residents only) but this is optional. Just head over to our registration form or donate here.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Complete our registration form here.

If you haven’t joined the challenge on Strava yet, you can do so here.

How do I get my free Pancreatic Cancer UK T-shirt?

Just complete our registration form and we will send you a free T-shirt and fundraising pack (UK residents only) which will take 7-10 working days to arrive. If you have not received your T-shirt and pack after this window, please get in contact with our team on

My T-shirt has arrived by it doesn’t fit. Can I exchange it?

If you need to exchange your t-shirt for a new size please get in touch on and we can help arrange this for you.

Can I purchase other PCUK running clothing and will I receive a discount?

You’ll be posted a Team Pancreatic Cancer UK T-shirt when you register (UK residents only) but if you’d like to purchase any other running wear you can do so from our online shop and use STRAVA10 to get 10% off!

Can I start the challenge earlier or later than 1st February?

No, you’ll only be able to start recording your miles from 1st February (day one of the challenge).

All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after the challenge ends.

What if I don’t complete my challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself to the best of your ability. Complete as many miles as you can throughout February.

Where can I meet other people taking on the challenge?

Visit our Strava Running Club, here, to meet others taking on this challenge.

How do I fundraise?

To get started with your fundraising, complete our registration form here or click here to create a JustGiving page. All donations are transferred directly to us.

Share your fundraising page via email, WhatsApp or social media to get your friends, family and other networks involved.  

You can download a sponsorship form here to help with collecting donations. 

You can also order additional fundraising materials here.

Is there a fundraising target?

Yes, there is a minimum fundraising pledge of £250, but we encourage you to raise as much as you can. There are no registration or participation fees.

I’m struggling to get donations; do you have any advice?

  • Make the first donation yourself. When you do this, you show your potential donors how serious you are about your fundraising and how much the challenge means to you, which can inspire others to donate.
  • WhatsApp is quick and easy to use. Send the link to your fundraising page to lots of your contacts on WhatsApp with a message about the challenge you are taking on, and how much it would mean to you if they donated to your page.
  • Get creative why not ask for friends to donate and in return they get to a pick the playlist that you should listen to for one of your miles!
  • Update, update, update! Updating your fundraiser with videos and sweaty selfies as you undertake the challenge, is a great way of showing your potential donors how committed you are to the Run 40 in February Challenge and fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Can I take cash donations?

We do not accept cash donations. However, if you do receive a cash donation, you can pay the funds into your personal bank account and make an online donation: 

  • Donate directly onto your fundraising page. 
  • Donate via our website. Please make sure to fill in the comments box ‘Run 40 Strava Challenge’ so we can attribute the fundraising to your fundraiser. 
  • Donate via bank transfer into our account: 

Account Name: Pancreatic Cancer UK
Bank: Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-71-03
Account number: 83514536
Ref: Your Name

If you make a bank transfer please email with your name, the date, amount of the donation and what it relates to – ‘Run 40 Strava Challenge’ so we can attribute the donation to your fundraiser.

What is the last date I can pay my offline donations in?

Wednesday 9th March 2022

How will Pancreatic Cancer UK use the funds I have raised?

The funds you raise will support world-leading research to find breakthroughs in new treatments and further improve the speed of diagnosis into pancreatic cancer. 

You will also be enabling us to be there for people now by supporting our services. Our friendly specialist nurses are only a call or email away. They are specialists in pancreatic cancer and can talk for as long as is needed.

How do I join the Strava Running Club?

You can join our Strava Running Club here, where you can post about your miles, ask questions, and be a part of our runners’ community.

How do I keep track of my miles?

Participants will track their miles in the official Strava App. You can join the Run 40 in February Challenge here.

How do I connect Strava to my JustGiving page?

Connect your Strava account to your fundraising page so your miles will automatically appear after every run, allowing friends and family see you achieving your goal!

  1. Go to your online fundraising page
  2. Click on “Connect to Strava”
  3. Give permission for Pancreatic Cancer UK to access your Strava account
  4. Select the type activity you would like to track and unit of measurement 
  5. Save your settings and your miles will automatically begin appearing on your page .

If you don’t have a Strava account, you can create one here

If you still need some help, you can visit JustGiving’s FAQ section here.

Why isn’t my activity showing up on my fundraising page?

  • This could be due to the date ranges you have set. You can change these in ‘Manage Strava Settings’.
  • There can also sometimes be a short delay between completing your activity and your activity appearing on your page. Please check your giving page again later.
  • Your Strava activity does not match the activity types you have selected in your Strava settings. For example, you completed a bike ride but your Giving Page Strava setting only have Walk/Run selected. Therefore, you have not selected that activity type to be displayed on your Giving Page. You can update the activity type that appear on your Giving Page in the ‘Manage Strava Settings’.
  • Your Strava privacy settings are not set to ‘everyone’. You can change Privacy settings in Strava.

How can I delete my activities on Strava?

  • You can delete any activity you don’t want to appear on your fundraising page by using the delete option below the activity post.

  • Pancreatic Cancer UK will never delete activities from your fundraising page. If you update the ‘timeframe’ section in Strava setting from your fundraising page, you will still need to manually delete unwanted activities from your fundraising page.