What happens with the results of clinical trials

This page has information about the results of clinical trials and how you can find these.

Medical researchers have a duty to publish their results. Sharing research findings can show what was learned from the trial and any improvements it could make to treatment and care. The results are usually presented at meetings and conferences for health professionals and may be published online and in medical journals. Details of individuals taking part in a trial are not included in the results.

The information you will have been given usually explains what will happen to the results of a trial. Ask your doctor or nurse how you can find out about the results if you would like to know them.

If a trial is successful and the new treatment works, it can still take a long time before it is used in the NHS. If the treatment involves a new drug, it will need to be licensed for use. It will also need to be independently approved for use in the NHS. This is done by the following organisations in the UK:

They will look at the results of all the studies involving the treatment and decide whether it is effective and good value for money and should be funded on the NHS.

Published July 2018

Review Date July 2021