Stage 2 pancreatic cancer

You may be told the stage of cancer. This describes the size of the cancer, if it has spread outside the pancreas and how far.

Stages of pancreatic cancer

What is stage 2 pancreatic cancer?

Stage 2 cancer means that the cancer may have grown larger. It has started to spread to a small number of lymph nodes near the pancreas, or to the bile duct or first part of the small intestine (duodenum). It hasn’t spread to large blood vessels near the pancreas. Read more about these organs.

Diagram showing stage 2 pancreatic cancer

Diagram showing stage 2 pancreatic cancer


Possible treatments: You might be able to have surgery to remove the cancer. But this depends on how far it’s spread. You might also have chemotherapy.

Read more about cancer that can be removed with surgery.

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Published September 2020

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