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Early detection saved my dad’s life

1 February 2021

Kerry tells us about her dad’s diagnosis, the road to recovery, and why she believes early diagnosis research is key to more people like her dad surviving.


Behind the scenes of the creation of our pancreatic cancer information

1 February 2021

Our pancreatic cancer information is accessed over 830,000 times each year - often by people affected by a devastating pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Emily Morgan, Senior Information Manager at Pancreatic Cancer UK, tells us a little more about the process behind the pages.


A huge thank you to the Bank of England

1 February 2021

Trying to raise money through office fundraising was never going to cut it with staff suddenly working at home. We were lucky that during this extraordinary year, we had an extraordinary partner in The Bank of England.


New coronavirus regulations across the UK

7 January 2021

With the coronavirus regulations tightening across the UK, we know that this is a difficult time for people and might be causing a lot of worry. I will explain what these changes mean for people with pancreatic cancer.


Cancer Deadline Day

7 January 2021

Eight cancer charities, including Pancreatic Cancer UK, have come together to launch Cancer Deadline Day - a new campaign building up to football’s transfer deadline day which will see funds raised for the various organisations.

Policy & campaigning

Pancreatic Cancer UK’s position on the COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation

21 December 2020

We believe it is essential, that palliative pancreatic cancer patients are given reasonable priority in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Policy & campaigning

NHS England publish National Cancer Recovery Plan for cancer services

16 December 2020

We comment on NHS England's National Cancer Recovery Plan, which aims to restore cancer services post pandemic

Policy & campaigning

Scottish Government publish new action plan for cancer services

9 December 2020

Pancreatic Cancer UK's Head of Scotland, Dawn Crosby, comments on the Scottish Government’s Cancer Recovery Plan


Learning and development

30 November 2020

2020 has done a very good job of derailing everyone’s plans. That includes our grand plan to deliver an assortment of face-to-face training and events across the UK to connect, develop and inspire more pancreatic cancer health professionals. Bur we embraced the digital world and adapted our events for a virtual audience.


PCAM 2020: A year to remember

30 November 2020

2020 is a year to remember in so many ways, but November 2020 will definitely go down in history as the year we saw the pancreatic cancer community rally together to make an impact like never before.

Health professionals

A thank you to health professionals

30 November 2020

This Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we want to acknowledge, thank and celebrate every health professional who has been working tirelessly treating, supporting and caring for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.


NHS England announce new trial for a blood test to detect multiple cancers

27 November 2020

We comment on NHS England's announcement about a new trial for a blood test that could help improve early diagnosis for multiple cancers, including pancreatic cancer