Anne holding a bouquet sitting next to her husband Neil on their wedding day

Anne’s gift of hope

Anne was a very generous, caring person who always showed great appreciation for everyone around her. When she received her pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Anne was only given two months to live but fought for ten precious months to stay with her family.

Anne fell in love with Neil over a bottle of wine in a holiday cottage in Wales. Both had lost their previous partners to cancer, so shared an understanding of how devastating cancer can be.

Neil and Anne shared 15 wonderful years together. Despite being devoted to one another, the time never seemed to be right for a wedding, but when Anne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2021, she and Neil realised they had no time to lose.

Neil and Anne also decided they must update their Wills, to ensure the people and causes they cared about during their lives were provided for.

Anne chose to leave a gift in her Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK because she wanted to fund research into early diagnosis and better treatment for people living with pancreatic cancer, potentially saving thousands of lives.

How you can leave a gift of hope

With only two weeks to organise a wedding, Anne was nervous but excited and rose to the challenge, despite the debilitating effects of pancreatic cancer. The sun shone when she married Neil on 13th August 2021 and everyone had a wonderful day.

Heavy traffic on the road from Exeter to South Wales meant Neil’s daughters nearly missed the ceremony. Thanks to Zoom they were able to watch in the car. And they still made it to the reception, where Anne was the life and soul of the party.

The gift in Anne’s Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK will ensure that her generous and caring spirit will carry on, supporting others who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and funding research to create a better future. We are so grateful that Anne and many other generous supporters choose to remember us in this very special way. They will never be forgotten.

After providing for your loved ones, would you consider leaving a gift in your Will to help create a better future for people affected by pancreatic cancer? Find out more below.

My gift of hope

Anne and her husband Neil with family on their wedding day
Anne and Neil with family on their wedding day