Catherine Wines

We are very sorry to learn that Catherine Wines, co-founder of World Remit and a supporter of Pancreatic Cancer UK has passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Communications team
16 November 2020

Commenting on the death of business woman Catherine Wines, co-founder of World Remit, Diana Jupp, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“We are so sorry to hear that Catherine Wines has died from pancreatic cancer and our thoughts are with her family, colleagues and many friends across the financial tech sector, on which she had such an impact. Catherine bravely chose to speak publicly about her treatment, even when her own future was uncertain, to challenge misconceptions about living with the disease and to campaign with us demanding that the Government prioritise pancreatic cancer. She was incredibly strong-willed and her quiet determination to remain positive and make the very most of the time she had left inspired all of us. We will always be grateful for the warmth, humour and thoughtfulness she brought to our work over the last 18 months and her generous support of our world-leading research. She shared our belief that science holds the key to delivering the progress so urgently needed by those affected by pancreatic cancer, and we will not stop investing in research until we have transformed survival for this devastating disease”

“Tragically, more than half of people with pancreatic cancer die within three months of diagnosis, making pancreatic cancer the deadliest common cancer in UK. While the last 50 years has seen significant improvement in survival for other cancers, there has been a shocking lack of progress for pancreatic cancer. It remains very difficult to diagnose and very difficult to treat – that is why we are so determined to continue funding cutting-edge research, campaigning for change and supporting patients and their loved ones.

“Our Specialist Nurses are here to help anyone affected by pancreatic cancer with free, confidential advice through the Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line. They can be contacted on 0808 801 0707 or email”