'Double Donations. Double survival.’

Thousands of you had your donations doubled by generous philanthropists last week during our ‘Double Donations. Double survival.’ Appeal.

Double Donations. Double survival.

Thank you so much for your kind-heartedness. Together we raised £80,000! We’re doubling the impact on early diagnosis research!

Your donations from last year’s appeal helped researchers create a blood test that has been 95% accurate in early trials. Incredibly, we could now use your kind donations from this year’s appeal to help researchers get a test from the lab into the hands of GPs. That means you’ll be helping to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier and giving families longer together.
Thank you again for your compassion.

'Double Donations. Double survival.’

An earlier diagnosis might have given Chelsea and her mum more time together. Throughout the appeal, Chelsea shared her mum Joanne’s story. Joanne suffered from symptoms for months before she got her diagnosis of late-stage pancreatic cancer.

When she was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was too late. It was in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, so Joanne had to go to most of her appointments alone. With her husband waiting in the hospital car park, a specialist nurse held Joanne’s hand as the oncologist explained that palliative care was her only option.

After two different types of chemotherapy, Joanne’s tumour was still growing and had spread to her stomach. As a family, they decided to stop all treatment. Joanne passed away, surrounded by everyone she loved. If Joanne’s GP had access to a test for pancreatic cancer, it could have changed her story. GPs don’t have a test to help them diagnose the quickest killing cancer.

'Double Donations. Double survival.’
Chelsea with her Mum, Joanne.

Sadly, many of you will have a similar experience to Chelsea and Joanne. And a UK study has shown that 91% of people went to their GP with symptoms in the two years before their pancreatic cancer diagnosis. But it shouldn’t be like that. And the funds you raised will help researchers take an urgently needed test for pancreatic cancer out of the lab and into the doctor’s surgery. Which could make early diagnosis a reality.

With your generous donations, you’re helping fund the research that’s desperately needed, like The Early Diagnosis Research Alliance. It is one of the biggest investments in early diagnosis research within pancreatic cancer in the UK!

Leading the large team of researchers that form the Alliance is Professor Steve Pereira, University College London, who has over 20 years of experience in working in pancreatic cancer. His previous research into early diagnosis and biomarker testing has served as the vital groundwork for this project, increasing biomarker test sensitivity and highlighting the challenges in delivering diagnosis in the UK healthcare system.

Thanks to your support, they have been working tirelessly to:

  • Create a blood test that’s been accurate in laboratory trials
  • Develop a bank of pancreatic cancer samples for researchers across the UK to use in their experiments
  • Look into how a test to diagnose pancreatic cancer could work in the NHS

Researchers are getting closer to diagnosing pancreatic cancer earlier and saving more lives. It wouldn’t be possible without compassionate supporters like you.

Thank you again to everyone who stepped up and had their donations doubled. Together, we’re doubling the impact of research.