Jenny's call for early diagnosis

This month, we launched our Unite, Diagnose, Save Lives campaign to fight for the breakthrough in early diagnosis that will save lives.

Survival rates of pancreatic cancer have barely changed in 50 years, and right now, too many people are hearing the devastating words: “Sorry, it’s too late, we can’t save you.”

One of those people is Jenny, who was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal pancreatic cancer in May 2021.

Jenny’s story

Jenny approached her GP about abdominal discomfort in March 2021, during the second Covid lockdown. She was lucky enough to have her symptoms quickly recognised as related to pancreatic cancer, and was sent for scans straight away. However, along with 80% of people with pancreatic cancer, Jenny was diagnosed too late for life-saving treatment.

Since her diagnosis, Jenny has set her mind to making sure funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer are raised, so that in the future, more people with pancreatic cancer will be given the fighting chance of survival they deserve.

“It gives you a reason for being here. Life is about contributing. If I’ve only got two years, it’s going to be two years of purpose.” She told inews, in a recent article exposing the effects of the Covid pandemic on pancreatic cancer survival rates.

“You know your own body, and if something doesn’t feel right then it’s not right. If you notice changes, make sure you go to the doctor. Right now, there’s a general feeling you’re wasting your doctor’s time – you’re not. The best win of all would be a very simple test that diagnoses pancreatic cancer at stage 1.”


The best win of all would be a very simple test that diagnoses pancreatic cancer at stage 1.


So far, over 25,000 of you have stood with Jenny to fight for early diagnosis, raising an incredible £18,000.

Help with a gift today to get us closer to a simple test to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier.